Tripod screen

Image width from 150 to 240 cm

With their particularly modern design, the Style range screens are robust and extremely easy to use. 

They are the ideal compromise for all training or meeting rooms that need temporary installation. Torsion resistant aluminium casing with a white Epoxy varnish finish.

Each screen is supplied with a keystone eliminator for parallax compensation. 

M1 fire-resistant projection surface.

Ultra robust Zamack handle.



  • Cinecitta Super Mat

    Super Mat

    Gain: 1,12
    100% PVC flame retardant M1 and B1

    Smooth matt white projection fabric for front projection. 
    Ideal for 4K projections.
    Standard for cinema, with excellent colour reproduction and a good contrast level. Good homogeneity of the image: attenuated hot spot and wide viewing angle. Optionally, the fabric can be perforated or micro-perforated to allow the sound to go through. Available square cut (roll width : 135 cm), or customised with the making of your choice. Examples of standard makings : - Webbing 5 cm and eyelets every 20 cm. - Slip to slide a weighing bar. - Soft Velcro, welded or glued, white or black, 2.5 or 5 cm wide. - Snaps (depending on the corresponding frame).

    Cinecitta Super Mat

    Super Mat


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