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Serving live performance

Screens, within stage spaces such as performance halls, theaters and operas, transcend reality to arouse emotion and illusion in the spectator. Beyond their powerful communication role, they merge with the scenography, propelling the shows into a new dimension, where the virtual mixes with the real for an innovative and barrier-free immersive experience.

Multivision Screens redefines stage possibilities with innovative projection solutions. Among more standard solutions, our giant screens, up to 100 meters long, unleash scenographic creativity. Far from the constraint of wall mounting, they now offer unparalleled mobility, paving the way for constantly evolving scenography. A new era for artistic expression is born.

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Your success stories

Popular motorized screens


Adjustable bindings
4m50 to 7m


Punch type
7m to 25m


XXL screen
8m to 100m

Popular fixed screens

st john's

Visible frame
4m to 100m


Freestanding platform
4m to 100m


Easy bending on site
4m to 100m

Custom development

No screen suits your needs ? 

Discover the excellence of custom development at Multivision Screens. Our in-house design office is dedicated to creating innovative and exceptional solutions for your unique project. Explore the world of bespoke solutions with us and bring your ideas to life.

Tell us about your project and let us make it happen 

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