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Immerse yourself in the screen, experience the emotion

Whether in the ephemerality of temporary cinemas or the permanence of cinema complexes, customer experience is now the cornerstone of the film industry. It is based on unrivaled visual immersion and exceptional image quality. Cinemas are rapidly evolving from simple screening to multi-purpose theaters designed for the future. This transformation redefines industry standards.

Multivision Screens, in alignment with market trends, offers a range of innovative screens, from fixed frame screens to retractable screens, meeting the needs of audiovisual professionals and multi-purpose spaces requiring quick and easy use.


The curvature of screens, sometimes used to reinforce immersion, reaches new heights in 360° or hemispherical cinemas, making it possible to correct image distortions. Screen quality is a key element in the viewer's visual perception, directly influencing image quality. It is with this in mind that Multivision Screens is innovating to offer an unparalleled experience.


Your success stories

Popular motorized screens


Elegant Carter
1m80 to 4m


Adjustable bindings
4m50 to 7m


XXL screen
8m to 100m

Popular fixed screens

st john's

Visible frame
4m to 100m


2m to 10m


Easy bending on site
4m to 100m

Custom development

No screen suits your needs ? 

Discover the excellence of custom development at Multivision Screens. Our in-house design office is dedicated to creating innovative and exceptional solutions for your unique project. Explore the world of bespoke solutions with us and bring your ideas to life.

Tell us about your project and let us make it happen 

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