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Harmony between tradition and technology in your places of worship

Faith remains unchanged, but places of worship evolve to adapt to our times. They are now exploring more visual media to enrich the spiritual experience. These visuals are intended to improve understanding of scripture passages, sermon points, as well as song lyrics. They can also bring a new dimension to ceremonies, whether they are union, funeral or other rituals, by allowing the broadcast of photos and videos. This evolution reflects the ability of places of worship to adapt while preserving their spiritual essence and respecting the needs of the faithful in a world in constant transformation.

Multivision Screens offers a range of custom sized screens, whether fixed, rollable or transportable, designed to blend seamlessly into your place of worship without altering its original beauty. This approach combines tradition and innovation for an optimal religious experience.

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Your success stories

Popular motorized screens


Slow return system
1m50 to 2m40

homevision II

Ease of installation
3m to 4m50


Adjustable bindings
4m50 to 7m

Popular fixed screens


Invisible frame
1m80 to 4m


Elegant frame
1m80 to 4m


Easy bending on site
4m to 100m

Custom development

No screen suits your needs ? 

Discover the excellence of custom development at Multivision Screens. Our in-house design office is dedicated to creating innovative and exceptional solutions for your unique project. Explore the world of bespoke solutions with us and bring your ideas to life.

Tell us about your project and let us make it happen 

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