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Manual roll-up screen with slow return system

The SuperGear screen offers a robust and elegant solution to meet your projection needs. Its solid design allows it to adapt to various situations. Equipped with a mechanical slowdown system, this model ensures a smooth ascent of the screen into its casing.


The high-quality aluminum housing gives the SuperGear remarkable durability.

Its innovative mounting system, called "Speed Solo," allows for quick and easy installation on walls or ceilings, even by a single person.


Small roll-up
projection screen


From 1m80 to 2m40


Slow return system

  • Main Features
    Screen stretched over a black anodized extruded aluminum frame “Postcard” system: the frame and structural elements are hidden behind the canvas Canvas fixed with specially calibrated polyethylene tensioners Screen with rounded corners (R = 100mm) or right angles Projection canvas with 5cm reinforcement and eyelets every 20cm Screen suitable for front and rear projection Compatibility with all projection surfaces Different fixing systems available
  • Specificities
    The screen profiles are easily bendable on site when the curvature does not exceed 5%
  • Options
    Fixed or mobile masking system Screen bending

Technical characteristics

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