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XXL entertainment

In an era where leisure plays a major role, the growing attraction for theme parks is intensifying, particularly in regions experiencing economic growth. The incorporation of projection screens, whether temporary or permanent, within these parks, reflects a marked trend towards installations of remarkable scale, highlighting the emergence of an immersive entertainment culture.

Multivision Screens has established itself as a key player in the entertainment market, particularly standing out in the theme park sector. Our expertise is manifested through our giant screens, reaching up to 100 meters, available in fixed or rollable versions, offering innovative solutions for unparalleled immersive experiences.


Your success stories

Popular motorized screens


1m80 to 4m50


Punch type
7m to 25m


XXL screen
8m to 100m

Popular fixed screens


Elegant frame
1m80 to 4m

st john's

Visible frame
4m to 100m


Easy bending on site
4m to 100m

Custom development

No screen suits your needs ? 

Discover the excellence of custom development at Multivision Screens. Our in-house design office is dedicated to creating innovative and exceptional solutions for your unique project. Explore the world of bespoke solutions with us and bring your ideas to life.

Tell us about your project and let us make it happen 

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