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The ultimate luxury: indulging in a home cinema space

Turn your cinematic dreams into reality at home. Imagine the brilliance of cinema-quality images and the immersion of a state-of-the-art theater, all in the comfort of your own space. For those seeking the ultimate cinematic experience, whether in a dedicated home theater room or by transforming your living room into a versatile space, we offer exclusive solutions to turn these dreams into a flexible reality.

Our custom projection solutions

Multivision Screens excels in creating premium cinematic experiences within your private spaces. Our commitment to excellence, with "Made in Europe" products, is reflected in our projection solutions synonymous with exceptional quality.

With custom screens, we personalize every detail to fit your room's configuration and your desires. Whether it's fixed or retractable screens, or models optimized for exceptional image quality with ultra-short throw projectors, at Multivision Screens, Belgian luxury and innovation are at your fingertips for your home cinema or living room.

Suitable fixed screens

In the luxurious realm of a home cinema, a fixed projection screen embodies excellence. It provides an impeccable, stable, and elegant canvas, ensuring a picture quality worthy of movie theaters. This screen creates the ideal atmosphere for an immersive experience where every detail matters.


Choose your screen

Suitable motorized screens

The versatility of a retractable projection screen, whether rolling down from the ceiling to the floor or vice versa, effortlessly transforms a living room into a temporary luxury home cinema. Blending practicality and sophistication, it ensures an immersive cinematic experience without compromising the aesthetic of the space, adding a touch of prestige to every screening.

Suitable travel screens

The elegance of a portable projection screen makes cinematic luxury a reality, anywhere. Transform your home or even your garden into a temporary home cinema without sacrificing quality. Enjoy the flexibility of a tailored cinematic experience wherever you are.


Turn your dreams into reality

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