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Audiovisual systems that respect the aesthetics of a church

The church in Bierges equipped for video projection.

A few years ago, the Multivision Screens team came up with an innovative solution for the Church of Bierges by installing a 3-metre wide homevision I screen equipped with a rear projection screen. Positioned at a height of 10 metres behind a specially designed beam, the screen was integrated with finesse to preserve the beauty and harmony of the site.

The technique used allows the screen to roll up and disappear behind the beam, making it invisible when not in use. What's more, the screen has been fitted with a 'Hide & Show' device, allowing the casing to be raised or lowered to any height. This system, particularly suited to spaces with high ceilings, guarantees optimum flexibility to meet the specific needs of the Church of Bierges.

The projector, discreetly positioned in the heart of the church, completes this perfectly integrated installation, combining advanced technology with respect for the aesthetics of the place of worship. In this way, Multivision Screens was able to combine technical efficiency with the preservation of the visual identity of the Church of Bierges, offering a tailor-made and elegant solution.


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