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Doing the unthinkable: installing a 42m-wide motorised screen

A nolimit screen used ten times a day, six days a week at the Netherlands Institute for Image and Sound.

A few years ago, Multivision Screens achieved the unthinkable: to develop, produce and install a 42m wide motorised roll-up screen.

Since then, the 42m nolimit screen has been used to broadcast panoramic video. The system is automatically activated ten times a day, six days a week. Its intensive use is guaranteed by an automatic cooling system for both motors. In terms of design, the screen casing and structure have been powder-coated in chroma key blue for the set shots.

The screen was installed at the Dutch Institute of Image and Sound, "Beeld & Geluid," located in Hilversum, in the Netherlands. This institute, which combines a cultural archive with a museum, preserves a valuable part of the audiovisual heritage accessible to the general public. The site occupies a central position within the Media Park, a vast business park housing numerous Dutch broadcasters and media companies. A must-see destination for culture and media enthusiasts.


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