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Managing the unexpected: installing and testing a screen backstage

A 14m polivision screen at the Eiffel Art Studio, Budapest's new multi-purpose complex.

In April 2021, Multivision Screens undertook a major cinema project, installing an impressive 14-metre long and 8-metre high polivision screen in Budapest's Eiffel Art Studio. This building, freshly renovated at the same time, was transformed into a brand new multi-purpose complex, serving as a rehearsal, manufacturing, storage and production facility for the Hungarian State Opera.

The installation of this screen took place under special conditions, as it first had to be assembled and tested backstage, in the building's set storage warehouse, before being transported to the stage. This meticulous planning was essential, as rehearsals were underway on stage at the time. Our team successfully rose to the challenge, providing the Eiffel Art Studio with a bespoke cinematographic solution while ensuring the smooth running of the Hungarian State Opera.


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