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An optimised immersive experience at Puy du Fou

A 20m wide Nolimit screen that meets a variety of projection needs.

A few years ago, Multivision Screens had the privilege of participating in a major project at Le Puy du Fou, an internationally renowned theme and historical park in the Vendée region. Our mission was to install a modern projection solution to enhance the immersive experience offered to visitors.

The solution implemented is a nolimit motorised roll-up screen, with impressive dimensions of 20 metres wide by 10 metres high. This system is equipped with a mixed projection screen, offering the essential versatility to handle both front projection and rear projection, in order to meet the varied needs of the Puy du Fou.

Le Puy du Fou is renowned for its grandiose shows and its commitment to bringing history to life in spectacular fashion. Modernising its projection solutions fits perfectly with this vision, enabling it to offer visitors an unforgettable experience while highlighting the crucial importance of cutting-edge technology in the theme park industry.


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