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The trend towards gigantism: an immersive visual experience

The audiovisual world is marked by a trend towards gigantism which is transforming the user experience and redefining everyone's expectations.

The trend towards gigantism: an immersive visual experience

In recent years, the audiovisual world has undergone a revolution characterized by a trend towards gigantism offering grandiose cinematographic and audiovisual experiences. Note that this significant turning point characteristic of our time also impacts other areas such as technology, architecture and even education.

Now we are constantly looking for new visual experiences that transport us to a world of limitless entertainment. From XXL screens in cinemas to ultra-realistic driving simulators, grandiose theme parks and imposing football stadiums, gigantism has become the norm rather than the exception.

Cinema and XXL screens: total immersion in the action

One of the areas most impacted by this trend is cinema. Movie theaters have abandoned small screens to embrace cinematic monsters that encompass viewers' field of vision. Moviegoers are now immersed in fantastical worlds thanks to massive screens that bring films to life more vividly than ever before. This evolution has not only redefined the cinematic experience but has also raised the expectations of spectators who now seek total immersion in the action.

Theme parks and monumental experiences

Theme parks have also incorporated the trend of gigantism to offer epic experiences. Visitors embark on attractions that challenge the limits of the imagination. From dizzying roller coasters to outdoor shows with grandiose ensembles, the goal is to create lasting memories that exceed expectations. Gigantism has become the norm to satisfy this growing demand for daring adventures.

Stage spaces and culture

In the field of culture, stage spaces have also adopted impressive dimensions. Concerts, plays and artistic performances now take place on huge stages, creating an unforgettable visual and audio experience for audiences. Gigantism thus becomes a key element to captivate the attention of spectators and create a unique atmosphere.

Extreme simulation and realism

Simulation systems are not left out in this race for gigantism. Fans of video games and simulations are now looking for ultra-realistic experiences and are equipping themselves with monumental panoramic screens. Whether driving a race car or learning to sail, users want to feel the sensations with a certain level of realism.

Specific spaces and projection

Even in traditionally solemn areas, such as places of worship, projection systems are making their way. Churches and temples are incorporating giant screens to share messages with ever-larger congregations. We also see that sports stadiums are increasingly equipped with monumental screens with the aim of offering an immersive sporting experience, even for those watching the match from the most distant stands.

Redefining the boundaries of user experience

The trend towards gigantism is redefining user expectations. Whatever the field of application, we are now looking for experiences that go beyond the traditional limits. Gigantism thus becomes a means of creating memorable, immersive experiences and thrills. As the world of audiovisual continues to evolve, one thing is certain: user expectations continue to grow and greatness has become the norm.

Publisher: Multivision Screens

January 2024

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