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Creating an immersive restaurant with nolimit screens

A 21m wide screen and two 10m wide screens at the Domaine de la Résidence in Metz.

In 2020, Multivision Screens was asked to help create an immersive experience in the future dining room of the Domaine de la Résidence restaurant in Metz, France. The client's ambition was to design an innovative system for projecting a variety of images to immerse diners in captivating worlds. To meet this requirement, Multivision Screens installed three nolimit screens, comprising one 21-metre-wide screen and two 10-metre-wide screens.

This project represented a real technical challenge, in particular to ensure that the screens were perfectly connected to the corners of the room. What's more, our fitters had to be ingenious in adapting to spatial constraints, whether in terms of equipment positioning or projection distance. Thanks to our expertise and meticulous work, we were able to rise to the challenge and meet the deadline. Today, this unique installation at the Domaine de la Résidence in Metz offers an unrivalled immersive visual experience to its guests, demonstrating our commitment to pushing back the boundaries of projection technology.


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