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anavision is the last product developed by Multivison Screens thanks to his powerful in-house design department. A splendid combination of a state-of-the-art retractable 120 inch (3 m) 4K display and the high-end Samsung LSP9T laser light output, The Premiere 4K Smart Triple Laser Projector, embedded into an elegant AV-furniture. Based on the latest technologies, anavision highlights Scandinavian design and is the result of a 20 year experience in the entertainment and audio-visual sector.


Design your own anavision !

• True cinematic quality • Best-in-class laser projection • Low ambient light influence • Space optimising solution • Non-intrusive technology ready to be installed.


• Motorized upperside trapdoor and central front drawer equipped with safety locking system for perfect integration of all sensitive equipments


• Unique quality furniture hiding and protecting embedded high-tech equipment and display


• Fully automized retractable device opening and closing in smooth and silent movement


• Built-in BIG 120-inch retractable screen in 4K resolution


• M4 XC technology features 4th generation of optical ALR technology.


This innovative technology enables M4 XC screen to benefit from significantly improved light distribution compared to traditional screens. This technical surface was specially designed to be used with UST (Ultra Short Throw) laser projectors with ALR properties (Ambient Light Rejecting) enabling much more ambient brightness than a regular surface.

samsung lsp9t anavision screen

Best-in-class laser projector Built-in Samsung LSP9T laser light output, The Premiere 4K Smart Triple Laser Projector, an Ultra bright high resolution with cutting-edge triple laser technology. Its optical technology enhances both image contrast and brightness. You get up to 3 times the contrast and double the image brightness of traditional front projection screens.

• 40 watts • 4.2 ch audio built-in speakers • Laser light source technology • 20.000-hours plus life plan • Video UHD Processor • Projection System 3840 x 2160


Opening and closing sequences are fully automated and managed by internal controller . Possibilities to command these sequences with :

• A touch-sensitive surface ingeniously integrated to the furniture • IR remote control • IOS/Android app • Other specific solution can be designed on simple request.

Sensitive Touch Button 2
unique on/off sensitive touch button
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