MVS 500

The PROJECTOR LIFT MVS 500 is equipped with heavy-duty but silent motor which assures a fast and stable up-down movement of the projector.

Furthermore, the motor is provided with an RF remote control and offers the possibility to set three motor limit stops: an upper stop limit, an intermediate one and a down one.

The intermediate stop can be set at the desired height for projection mode, whereas the down one can be adjusted up to 500 cm. stroke to be used as service mode position.

Also a safety device is built-in in order to offer maximum security in case of any failure of the mechanism.

The projector anchoring frame movement is controlled by two strong steel cables that are certified for a maximum load of 350 kg. each.

  • Power supply : 220- 230V – 50Hz
  • Maximum Consumption : 265 W
  • Torque : 60 Nm
  • Motor Speed : 11 rpm
  • Dimensions closed : 790x705x890 (WxHxD mm)
  • Dimensions opened : 790x5705x890 (WxHxD mm)
  • Roll up speed : 19 sec/m.
  • Roll down speed : 24 sec/m.
  • Maximum load of the projector : 70 Kg.
  • Net weight : 77 Kg.
  • Cable gathering system : 50x18 (WxH mm).

Mvs H500
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