Rear projection fog curtain.

All the important principles of FogScreen™ technology are patented.

The basic components of the screen are a laminar, non-turbulent airflow that remains thin, crisp and protected from turbulence.
The fog is made with ultrasonic waves and ordinary tap water - no chemicals are needed. It feels dry and cool to the touch.

After the screen is formed by the fog, images can be projected onto it.
The FogScreen™ projection screen can be translucent or fully opaque. It works very much like any ordinary screen in terms of projection: The image is spectacular in normal daylight, but the darker the room the better the results.

A projector with at least 6500 ANSI Lumen is recommended.
The distance between the projector and screen should be a minimum of 2 meters.

FogScreen™ projection screen is a stand-alone product that can be integrated into any environment, including casinos and clubs, malls and showrooms, fairs and convention centers, theme parks, science centers, museums, theatre, TV, fashion shows, and corporate venues.
It can be controlled by using the DMX 512 protocol.

The Fogscreen is available in several sizes :
  • 0.8m wide fogscreen for permanent installation. 
  • 2.2m wide fogscreen for event or for permanent installation. 
  • 1.1m wide fogscreen. 

FogScreen™ projection screen is available in modules of 1m wide One for event and renting applications.
Multiple Ones can be linked to form a seamless projection screen of any width, almost without limit.

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