Choosing a projection screen, and what kind of mechanism?

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What type of screen, and what kind of mechanism?  There is a multitude of solutions, ranging from a foldable, portable screen, through a hanging screen, a fixed screen or one stretched over a frame. Each application and environment requires a special screen with a corresponding aesthetic.   

An electric or manual roll-up screen is chosen if it has to disappear when there is no projection, if the screen is located in front of a window or if it is situated cross-wise in a room.  

Options for integrating into a false ceiling mean that the screen is totally retractable when there is no projection.  

Despite the original design of some screens, they do not always constitute a décor item that is appropriate for every interior, so sometimes it is approrpriate for them to be hidden elegantly. Large-size roll-up screens (Nolimit and polivision) are the preferred solution in theatres and concert halls, conference centres or auditoria.   

Screens stretched over a frame are the ideal solution when the room is dedicated to projection (suitcase-type screen). The fabric remains completely flat as it is stretched on all 4 sides.
4 sub-categories can be singled out: 

  1. post-card screen: the aluminium frame is invisible. The fabric wraps over the frame and is fixed from the rear. 
  2. black velvet frame: aluminium frame covered in matt black velvet for a better framing of the image. 
  3. mobile masking: frame fitted with black moving leaves (panels) enabling the image format to be changed according to the content being projected. 
  4. suitcase-type: CarryVision Ultimate or DCR screen.  "Fastfold" screen with folding aluminium frame and front- or rear-projection fabric fitted with press studs. A transportable screen for travelling or temporary projection. We offer an extensive range of portable screens. We offer tripod and pantograph models up to 240cm wide, with stretched fabric (Easyfixx and CarryVision) or telescopic poles (HandyVision).   Above 240cm, the solution is a screen fitted with press studs, stretched over a foldable, hinged screen (CarryVision Ultimate and DCR).  This type of screen is commonly called fastfold. Our fabrics, which are very flexible, hardly get marked after folding