About us

Founded in February 2002, Multivision Screens has been developing and manufacturing projection screens for the audio visual and cinema industry

The Multivision's specialty is in the design and manufacture of cinema screens and especially very large-size roll-up motorized projection screens.
Our teams and advisers will do everything possible to give you the best projection screen that meets your needs.

  • Wrap around aluminum invisible frames.
  • Lightweight, supplied in kit and easy to install.
  • Low transport and assembly costs.
  • A broad range of high standard projection surfaces
  • Seams are invisible in projection.
  • Assembly by high frequency welding, invisible in projection.
  • Gain from 112 to 240%
  • Elegant and unobtrusive manually or motorized roll up screens
  • Light transpotable and foldable screens

A screen for each situation.


Sustainable development and eco-design:

ecoconception.png#asset:1029Waste and recycling management.

Unlike some other qualities of fabric, screens that are 100% PVC are 99% recyclable. PVC takes several hundred years to disappear, but if it is handled through good waste processing procedures, it can be completely recycled (99%) and recovered in the form of 300 micrometre balls which are used for canvas coverings. We pay particular attention to waste management. We keep our environmental footprint to a minimum as far as possible. For example, the HomeVision screen is completely recyclable, except for a few small accessories.